About Us

Ville Painters provides top-quality residential and commercial painting services throughout Lancaster County, PA. Founded in 1988 by Steve Dietrich, a native of Millersville, PA, Ville Painters gets its name from the "ville" in Millersville.

Since the company was founded, owner Steve Dietrich has established a reputation of quality and workmanship, unmatched in the area. Though the company has grown in recent years, Steve still likes to be involved in every project, often interacting with clients and answering questions.

To keep quality at its best, Steve only hires experienced painters to fill open positions and he frequently checks in on jobs in progress. He also offers every client the opportunity to comment on the job his crew has done with an end of job report card.

As a result of top-quality work and fast service, Ville Painters enjoys many long-term relationships with residential and commercial customers, often returning to handle maintenance work or complete new jobs.

Ville Painters Associates

Ville Painters has developed relationships with some of the best in the industry to provide additional services and expertise to their clients. These areas include wall coverings, floor coverings, decorative finishes, carpentry and small remodeling.

Thanks to these relationships they are able to better serve their customers and save them from the hassles of hiring a general contractor!

The company conducts regular safety meetings and carefully inspects all equipment. Ville Painters is fully insured for every customer's peace of mind.

Ville Painters also participates in a number of trade associations and groups throughout the Lancaster area including: