Interior Painting Techniques


Using good painting techniques is key to achieving professional-looking results. Another tip is to use enough paint. Get into the habit of going to the paint can often. Let the paint do the work, and you’ll save time and get the finish you want.

Using a Brush

1. Hold a brush near the base of the handle.

2. Dip half the bristles into the paint and tap on the lip of the can. Don’t wipe it on the side.

3. Paint with enough pressure to bend the bristles slightly — don’t bear hard on the brush.

4. A 1″-2″ brush offers good control so it is well-suited for detail work such as cutting in around windows or painting molding. To apply paint to larger surfaces such as doors, use a 3″-4″ brush.

Using a Roller

1. Roll the roller slowly into the paint in the tray. Then, roll it back and forth until roller cover is evenly coated with paint.

2. Roll onto the tray’s ridges to remove excess paint.

3. For smooth surfaces: Cover about a two-foot-square using the N pattern shown. Cross roll to spread the paint. Finish, with light roller strokes in one direction, at a right angle to the cross roll.

4. If the surface you are painting is porous or textured, use a heavy-nap roller cover (1/2″ or more). Use a 1/4″ nap to maximize sheen on a smoother surface.

Painting Double-Hung Windows

1. For double-hung windows move each sash to the center of its track and paint the inside sash, starting with the crossbars. Then, paint the frame. Don’t paint the top edge of the inside sash; you’ll use it to move the sash. Next, paint the top half of the outside sash, starting with the crossbar, then the frame.

2. Close the sashes to within several inches of the closed position. Paint the rest of the outer sash and the top edge of the inner sash. Paint the window casing, then the sill.

3. Paint the check rails. Move both sashes down as far as they will go, then paint the upper rails. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, move both sashes up and paint the lower rails of the window.

Casement or Awning Windows

1. Open the windows and paint the top, side and bottom edges.

2. Finish with the crossbars, frame, casings and the sills.

Paneled Doors

1. First remove all hardware or cover it with masking tape. If paint does get on metal parts, wipe it up immediately with a soft cloth.

2. Start by painting the panels, working from top to bottom. For each panel, paint panel molding first, then the interior, using up and down strokes with your brush.

3. Next, paint the rest of the door, finishing with the outer edges. If the door swings out, paint the hinged edge. If the door swings in, paint the lock-side edge.

Flush Doors

1. Paint the edges first.

2. Then fill in the center area, working from top to bottom.

3. Finish with the frame and jamb.

6 Color Palettes That You are About to See Everywhere in 2019


Ever wish you could peek into a crystal ball and see what decor trends are headed your direction? We do have a little insight into what colors are going to be dominating homes everywhere. With six unique palettes of inspiration, it goes a long way toward telling us what 2019 is going to look like. Each palette evokes a mood and a personality, with a cool mix of bold accent hues and versatile neutrals to make the look work in any space. Thinking of painting soon? Consider this your cheat sheet for 2019.

1. Rich Blues and Golds: This combo has definitely been on our radar, ever since the explosion of dark cabinets and brass trim hit kitchens earlier this year.

2. Maximalist Greens, Reds, and Yellows: Minimalists, your time is drawing to a close. The fun factor of maximalism, with its bright and cheery prints and super-saturated shades, is just too good to resist.

3. Tropical Greens and Pinks: Another score for our ongoing plant obsession! “The Naturalist palette is a posh take on muted and nature-inspired neutrals, with blossoms of floral pinks, yellows, and deep greens

4. Elevated Neutrals With Character: Neutral lovers, rejoice! The latest neutrals reside in the mysteriously murky taupe family, with subtle tinges of purple bringing just the right alluring character to these shades.

5. Muted-yet-Moody Pastels: Pastels are for grown-ups too. Airy purples and blues stay grounded with the help of some richer hues, lending a glam feel to the entire effect.

6. Worldly Earth Tones: Eclectic is the name of the game here. Earthy clay tones draw inspiration from handcrafted souvenirs and special travel finds.

Benjamin Moores 2015 Color Trends


Benjamin Moore has amazing colors for the 2015 year. Their color of the year is Guilford Green (HC-116). See what other Benjamin Moore colors go great with this relaxing color by clicking on their pictures below. Click here to check out their other color trends. The Blue Hydrangea and the Old Claret are wondering colors to pick for 2015’s color trends. Call Ville Painters today to schedule a free estimate to get these gorgeous colors in your home! 717-396-1176

BM Green Color         COTY_Static

blue hydrangwa           old claret


April 2014 Ville News


What’s New:

It has been a month since our Building Industry Association’s successful Home Show at Spooky Nook Sports Complex.  This year’s attendance was three times that of last year’s show!  We appreciate all of you who came out to visit us.  This year, as in years past, one of our visitors won our “Painter for a Day” drawing, entitling you to 8 hours of interior or exterior painting.  This year’s winner is Tim Barr.  Congratulations to the Barr family.   The following individuals won $25.00 gift certificates for the Lancaster Brewing Company for visiting our booth and filling out an information card:  Mark Heller, Bob Pennell and John Leggore.  We look forward to inviting you all to our booth at next year’s show.

We have recently added a blog to our website.  The idea of the blog is to share articles and resources we find useful in the area of interior and exterior painting.  We add our own articles and will share others that are relevant.  Please check it out and send any comments or suggestions to Erin:

Dining room, foyer and staircase

A beautiful dining room, foyer and staircase.

Coming Soon: 

Look for us in the May 2014 issue of Fig Magazine.  

Our website will soon be updated with new photos from our customer’s homes or businesses.  A few photos are included throughout this post.

Interior Living Room

Interior living room with tray ceilings and faux paint work on walls

Ending Soon: 

Just because spring is here, do not dismiss your home’s interior.  We are extending a 10% discount to all interior work scheduled for April.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we should anticipate a rainy spring.  We will need warm, dry places for our men to paint!  So add painting to your spring “to do” list.  Call us to schedule a free estimate!

Bathroom photo with accent wall.

A bathroom where an accent wall adds a subtle touch of color to the room.

Before, During and After Photos for PETS


February 2014 Ville News


We have recently added a blog to our website.  The idea of the blog is to share articles and resources we find useful in the area of interior and exterior painting.  We add our own articles and will share others that are relevant.  Please check it out and send any comments or suggestions to Erin:

Coming Soon:  In March a new issue of Fig Magazine will debut.  We were impressed with this magazine and decided to be a part of it.  Through their talented photographers we were able to get pictures of some recently finished projects that we were excited to share.  Look for this magazine to arrive in your homes soon, or you can visit their website:

Ending Soon:  We are currently offering a discount for interior projects that are scheduled for February (limited availability) and March 2014.  This is our best discounted price, 15% off labor rates.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.


Recent Residential Customer Testimonial:

Dear Steve and Team –

We just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your work on our recent home remodel. We were so thrilled with all of the work that Ville Painters did throughout the entire project. From beginning to end we were guided through the process with their knowledge and experience. Their craftmanship and attention to detail had a huge impact in the final product. More importantly was the level of comfort we felt having Ville Painters in our home. They were always on time, they worked hard, they answered questions, they matched old paint colors and even helped us pick new paint colors.  They displayed commitment to a job well done even when it meant a longer day or an extra visit. We so appreciate the work that they did and we strongly encourage others to use Ville Painters, Inc.

Thank you,

Oliver and Amy Horst


It is all about love…


Show your home some love!

This winter you and your family have probably been spending more time than usual in your home.  It is likely that your home has been taking an extra beating from increased inside activities.  This leads to areas that could use some touching up or refreshing.  Give your home a Valentine’s Day gift and take advantage of the discounted winter labor rates being offered by Ville Painters.  We want to encourage you to take care of your home and show it some love!

Project ideas may include your cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.  Over time the finish on cabinets get scratched or dinged and lower quality, or older finishes can yellow over time.  These changes cause your cabinets to look outdated and unappealing.  An inexpensive option to replacing cabinetry is to have them refinished.  Professional painters can renew your cabinets in a short period of time with minimal intrusion in your home.

In addition to cabinets, trim in your home, especially chair rails will look their age from use and abuse.  Interior trim is a more difficult paint related task because of the precise brushwork and preparation that is involved to yield a quality job.  Often home owners will tackle the job of painting the walls and ceilings themselves but will put off painting the trim.  This results in a fresh color but an unfinished appearance.  Having professionals paint the trim will give you a room that you love from top to bottom.

Another area in your home to show love to is small spaces.  Small spaces offer quaint areas for a reading nook, a place to study or pay bills, or a crafting area.  These areas are only limited to your imagination and space.  However, they can become over crowded.  Clean out the space and start fresh with a change of color that will complement your personality and mood.

Let the love you have for your home be reflected in the look of your home.  Pick your favorite project or choose all of them.  Ville Painters, Inc. will make it look complete.  Call the office to schedule an appointment with Steve for a free estimate and take advantage of the 15% off labor rates if your interior project is scheduled for February or March 2014.  Treat your home as your special Valentine this year!

What have you resolved for 2014?


What have you resolved?

List for resolutions

Have you made any resolutions?

Many of us suffer through the same routine every year.  We sit and make up New Year’s resolutions.  Some are well thought out, others convoluted.  But regardless of merit, the probability of success is stifled with each passing day due to lack of planning.  It is said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Let that not be the case when it comes to your interior maintenance and decorating plans.  The cold weather has made us well aware of our inside surroundings.   Now that that the holiday decorations are going away, it is a perfect time for a winter spruce-up!

Ville Painters can help make that resolution happen.  Let us visit with you and plan an interior project that is sure to bring some warmth to your home.  We are offering exciting discounts for interior work through the end of February.  But call us now before the schedule fills up.  It is our resolution to continue to offer comfort and peace of mind for our clients!

Make your den warm for the winter!


Picture of living room with fireplace

Let Ville Warm Your Living Room!

According to Merriam-Webster ( the definition for hibernate is as follows: 1: to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state; 2: to be or become inactive or dormant. Many animals (and plants) in our area hibernate in the winter.  Do you do the same thing?

In my house we do not go into a resting state or become inactive, but we do spend a lot of time inside.  If you also will be spending a lot of time in-doors, you will find the winter a perfect time to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint.

There are many brands of paint to choose from, however, we use and recommend Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints.  These paint brands are a much higher quality than many of the paints sold at hardware stores and the big box stores.  Having used many different brands of paint myself in my own home, I have found that these paints stand the test of time.  They also provide a much smoother application. While the cost is higher initially, they are well worth the investment.

Benjamin Moore has released their color trends for 2014, basing their colors from various design industries.  They have labeled their 2014 color trend as “The ‘New’ Neutral Color Pallette.”  Visit Benjamin Moore’s website to see their new color palette yourself: The Sherwin Williams Color Team has released their color forecast for the upcoming year, “ColorMix 2014.”  Sherwin Williams has created four pallets inspired by different styles: Captured, Intrinsic, Curiosity and Diaphanous.  Their “ColorMix 2014” can be viewed on their website:

Whether choosing the 2014 forecasted colors from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, these colors will create a warm and relaxed den for the winter, but are timeless enough to look good year round.  Try a new color that will brighten your room and possibly your mood!