Exterior Home Projects You Should Think About Now Part 3


If you’re like most people, you always have a home project either on deck or in the works. But when summer turns to fall, the focus is usually on the exterior of our homes because we want to be sure things are squared away before the weather turns. These types of exterior projects fall into to three basic categories: 1)  painting, 2) carpentry, and 3) power washing.

Power Washing 

There’s nothing more satisfying that watching that built up dirt, mold and mildew get washed away! A professional power wash is a key step in preparing your home for exterior paint, but it’s also great for cleaning natural wood siding. A deep water clean will dramatically improve the visual appeal of your home, simultaneously preventing the growth of new mold and mildew. It even removes those unsightly balck streaks from asphalt roofs.

We use an environmentally-safe combination of bleach & Jomax. A low pressure wash is usually used to clean your home’s exterior; a high pressure wash is used when removing peeling paint and heavy growth of dirt and mildew which is commonly found on roofs and decks.