4 Colors That Will Transform Your Kitchen Without the Price Tag of New Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are one of the largest focal points that can make or break your kitchen design. Choosing a new cabinet color can be overwhelming no matter if you’re renovating the entire kitchen or updating the color. Here are some colors to help you spark your kitchen creativity:


PROS: White cabinets are classic. If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen, this is your go-to option. A white kitchen can be a backdrop for colorful accessories or kept minimal for a contemporary design. It is a cheerful color that reflects light, making the room feel bright even when there is little sunlight.

CONS: The obvious downfall of white cabinets is upkeep. Dirt, dust, or stains will be an issue for this color. Most of the time, this can easily be combated when wiped down regularly. If standing alone, white can also have a clinical feeling when warmer accents are not added.


PROS: If you want to add character to your kitchen without going too crazy, blues are good compromise. Shades of blue tend to give us a sense of relaxation, space, or luxury. Navy blue will add richness to your kitchen while an aquamarine will give that tranquil beach feeling; and there are a million colors in between.

CONS: While the blues hues are endless, you can get lost when choosing the right shade. A color swatch might be beautiful on the small scale but consider what it will look like if it’s covering an entire wall of cabinets.


PROS: If you love white but the cons are too much, gray might be a option for you. Much like white, grays are a fantastic backdrop for other elements in your kitchen but add a bit more warmth. If you get your inspiration from Pinterest, you may have noticed that gray is definitely a trending option.

CONS: Some might think that grays are too trendy and will eventually become a color of the past. In fact, gray was trending in years past.


PROS: Bright colors can bring your personality into your home while adding a surprise conversation piece for entertaining. Bold colors can add a stark contrast to your walls and other accents.

CONS: Much like gray, bright colors tend to sway toward trendy. You might swoon over a burnt orange kitchen design you saw on Pinterest, but you could find it to be overwhelming in person. When the sun goes down, be sure you also consider what this color will look like under artificial light.

Regardless if the color you choose is considered too trendy or bold, your opinion is what matters most. After all, you have to live with it! For many of us, our cabinets might have good bones but the color scheme is out of date. Luckily for us, adding a coat of paint can really transform the room without the price tag of new cabinets.

Contact our team for color ideas that work for your space!

Spring is on it’s way!!


TImage result for spring is on its wayhe recent mild weather serves as a reminder that Spring is on its way!  Now is the perfect time to take a few moments and take a maintenance walk-around of your home or business.  The constant freezing and thawing that accompany the wild swings in temperature we have experienced can play havoc with caulk joints and other substrates and leave your home vulnerable to moisture.

There are a few things in particular to look for.

  1. Look to see if surface growth or mildew has attacked your exterior. It typically occurs on the northern exposure where direct sunlight may be minimized.  This can break down the finish that is protecting your home and allows dirt and moisture to compromise wood substrates.
  2. Look for open cracks around your frames & sills, especially in older homes. Snow and rain can easily find its way to your homes interior and create numerous problems with plaster and woodwork.  It also is an open for insects like termites to nest and create another set of issues.
  3. Make sure your rail system is free flowing and not clogged or blocked in any way. This prohibits water to be directed away from your home’s exterior.
  4. Check for cracking in the finish paint,. Especially on sills and other horizontal surfaces where snow and rain can lay for days on end, seeping into the surface of the wood.

We encourage you to call and allow us to come out and conduct an inspection of your home.  While you might not be in need of a full paint job on the exterior.  You can certainly take care of the problems areas and extend the lift of your homes finish.  Call (717)-396-1176 and we will have someone with the expertise needed to make a valid assessment of your situation and offer any solutions should a problem be discovered.


2017 is coming to a close and we, at Ville Painters Inc, wanted to thank all of you for your patronage over the last 30 years.  We have been blessed with outstanding support and loyalty from you, our clients.  Repeat and referral business continues to fuel our success year after year.

Our team of professionals are focused on providing you with an exceptional experience from the initial phone call to the last day of the job. The addition of our Operations Manager, Adam, has allowed me to focus on sales and constantly work to improve Ville Painters Inc.’s service to you.

This fall, the beautiful Pennsylvania weather allowed us to keep up with client demands for exterior painting.  However, it is evident that winter has arrived.  The craftsman at Ville Painters Inc. are looking forward to moving to warmer indoor environments.  After the Holidays is an ideal time to consider repainting your home’s interior.  Once the holiday decorations come down, consider putting a maintenance coat on the walls, or a fresh new look for the upcoming year.

We appreciate the opportunities you have given us and wish to continue that relationship.  As an incentive to schedule NOW for winter work, we are offering our clients 10% discount off current labor rates. We have never been more ready and able to serve you.  Whether your painting project is at home or at the office; call to receive a free estimate while there is still room in the schedule.

If you do not currently have a project in mind, refer us to a friend or relative.  All successful referrals will receive a $25 gift certificate to Lancaster Brewing Company/Walnut Street Grill.  Give us a call at (717)-396-1176 or email us at Info@villepaintersinc.com to set up an appointment to review your project.  We look forward to serving you again.

School District Painting


We have had the pleasure of working with the School District of Lancaster for many years. This summer we completed two projects which we believe had a positive impact on the students and the administration.

The first project was preparing and repainting all of the walls in the music rooms and all of the corridors throughout the three floors. These walls had been defaced with no. 2 pencils and ball point pens. The day I went to look at the project, we witnessed first- hand Junior High students walking down the halls with “pen-in-hand”, writing on the walls between periods as they proceeded to their next class. The previous coating was not specified to withstand the beating. When the halls cleared you could see long stripes about shoulder to elbow high throughout the campus.  The maintenance staff was at their wits end because nothing they tried, whether it be cleaning solutions, magic erasers and the like would remove the markings.  The team of Ville Painters was charged to recoat the walls and remove this unwanted “artwork”.  After careful preparations, we used a special 2-part epoxy from Benjamin Moore which was designed to produce a harder finish, allowing maintenance to effectively remove more of the markings.  The project came in on-time, with the material quantities we budgeted for.  We believe it was a success!  We will re-visit the project at Christmas break to see if our solution worked!

The second project we were solicited to do involved magnetic paint and dry erase finishes in specified administration / IT offices and a large conference room.  The magnetic paint required 3-4 coats to be effective.  Two coats of the eggshell enamel to match the existing color served as the undercoat for the dry erase clear coat.  The dry erase product we used was from Sherwin Williams and at a cost of just under $500 per gallon kit!  The staff was very cooperative as we dodged in and out of many offices applying a multitude of coats.  There was also the issue of the odor emitted by both the magnetic finish and the clear coat.  While VOC compliance is part of our calling card, sometimes proprietary products like these, would not work effectively where they to be low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds).  Again we were able to come in slightly under our materials and labor budget saving the school, and the residents / businesses of Lancaster, valuable tax dollars.  We look forward to the next adventure the School District of Lancaster wishes to send our way!!!

Painting Terms


Your painter is talking to you and using “Painting Terms”. You are trying to grasp what he is saying but it’s just not working. No worries! Here are a list of some terms to help you understand the painter’s lingo.

Anti-corrosive paint: A paint designed to minimize rust or corrosion when applied directly to metal.

Bleeding: The migration of material from substrate, causing discoloration of the paint.

Blistering: The formation of dome-shaped projections of paint.

Burnishing: The formation of shiny areas on a painted surface, as a result of rubbing or washing.

Diluent: A liquid that is blended into a coating, and can be used to reduce its viscosity. A diluent is not necessarily a solvents for the binder.

Dry tack-free: Drying stage of a paint film at which it is not sticky to the touch.

Elasticity: The ability of paint or caulk to expand and contract with the substrate without suffering damage or changes in its appearance.

Intercoat: A layer of paint that is “sandwiched” between two others. Also refers to something occurring between coats, as in “intercoat adhesion”.

Mildew resistance: The ability of a paint or caulk to resist mildew growth on its surface.

Oxidation: A chemical reaction with oxygen. For example, the drying of oils in oil-based paint, or the rusting of iron or steel,

Viscosity: The fluid thickness of a coating.

Volatile: The easily evaporated components of any coating or caulk composition.

Terms credited to APC Magazine, The ABCs of Painting, Part 2 Article by Debbie Zimmer

A Memorable Job


IMG_1586Ville Painters has just finished a memorable project that we take great pride in. Through High Construction Services, a long-time commercial partner, we had a second opportunity to work on Neffsville Mennonite Church.  This time we helped re-vitalize Fellowship Hall.  The designer did an extraordinary job of updating the space by combining style and functionality. The sound soaking ceiling and wall panels as well as the downward sound reflecting properties of the 23 suspended “clouds” are a perfect example of style and functionality coming to life.

This project involved some things we never had done before. One of the most challenging parts was using a wallcovering product by 3-M called Di-Noc on the suspended “clouds”. Installing a kind of contact paper upside-down, on a lift, while the substrate is swaying proved to be an almost impossible task. Our installer Doug Binkley, with the aid of project superintendent Jerry Bigelow, did a phenomenal job with minimal waste and we commend them both for their effort.

The ceiling had a sound soak foam material applied by another specialty contractor which looked awesome. The walls were two-tone both above and below the large chair rail. The ceiling line boasts a large crown molding on each side elevation.  We even painted a screen wall which required a different color and sheen to IMG_1582accommodate films and other projected images.


We have been painting Churches for over 20 years. Typically they are more traditional and conservative in their décor.  This project broke through that stereotype and truly enhances what was a “sanitary” look environment and gave it that “wow” factor.  It is truly inviting for the parishioners and guests alike.  We were pleased to have been involved and look forward to the next challenge.



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Maintaining Your Shutters



IMG_1495We have been painting older and historic buildings in the Lancaster area for 28 years. There are so many beautiful architectural styles that help to remind us of our past. As a painting contractor, one thing I noticed to be a common thread is the use of shutters. They are typically not used for their intended purpose but add character and charm.  They also can require additional maintenance.

Because they are exposed to the elements on all sides, the coatings tend to break down faster than on most components of your home’s exterior. Moisture works its way into the joints and takes its toll.  On many occasions clients or homeowners may only have painted the outside face because that is the only side you see.  This is not recommended!  The entire shutter should receive full treatment if they are going to last for the next generation to enjoy.

Once you see areas beginning to fail, touch them up if you can. Keeping bare wood protected is the best defense.  We often will remove and refinish shutters in our shop over the winter.  For contractors it is a perfect “inside job” to help keep everyone busy during the slower season.  Ambitious homeowners can also make this a satisfying winter project. You may call us or email for tips on preparation (the most important part of any paint job). We also can place aluminum capping on them to help longevity by keeping snow & moisture off the top rail.

Shutters are an important and esthetic architectural component of your home. Whether your shutters are in need of a full overhaul or just a color change, let us come to assess your needs and recommend a maintenance program for you.

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Ville Painters Needs You


Our team works hard to keep Ville Painters Inc. the leading painting company in Lancaster. We need your help! As someone familiar with our work, we’d like to ask you to write a review of our business. Reviews are vital to our company’s future and you can make a difference.

It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two of your time and if you have an appreciation for our hard work, we’d love it if you shared. Below is information and directions to a few sites where you can post a review.

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Spring Walk-Around


Spring has sprung! Winter’s cold seems to be losing its firm grasp on us. NOW is the perfect time to inspect the exterior of your home.


Your rain gutters & roof valleys may have been put to the test with the one heavy snow we experienced. Damaged gutters might mean water going where is not welcome. You want to check your soffits & fascia for signs of peeling paint. This could indicate a potential moisture problem, which we want to catch before it creates bigger problems! Window sills are the most vulnerable area worth inspecting. Rain & snow collect and sit there. The constant freezing and thawing can create cracks in the surface and around caulk joints. This, combined with the sun’s powerful UV rays, can break a coating down. Once wood becomes exposed to the elements, it is prone to decay. In older homes, it may mean interior problems beneath the windows as well. Another place to look is the shady side of your home or building. Mildew thrives in these environments and feeds on ingredients found in some paints. You may not have seen it yet, due to cooler temperatures, but as it warms up the mildews comes to life! It too can accelerate coating failures. Another helpful hint is having shrubs cut back to improve airflow and sunlight. This helps to inhibit mildew growth. Let us come out to conduct a free inspection with you. Together we can assess if you are in need of a full repaint or simply a maintenance painting.  Many of our clients have us conduct regular maintenance, significantly extending time between full repaints. This saves $$$ !!!

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