Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color Trends


With the New Year, comes new trends for paint colors and home decorating. This year, Benjamin Moore chose the beauty of the white palette with their “Color of the Year” being Simply White OC-117.

Colors are designed to represent the mood of the room and pairing a white tone with a sharp accent wall can show charm and refinement. Sometimes finding the right accent color can be a difficult undertaking. Pairing with a white like Simply White OC-117 can make it a lot easier since whites tend to go with just about any other color you can imagine.

Benjamin Moore not only picked a “Color of the Year” but also put together elegant colors that complement each other. Check out the picture below to see all the color options. Consider pairing Simply White OC-117 with Enchanted 2070-50 for a beautiful guest room or sitting area. If you like a bolder palette, you might match Kittery Point Green HC-119 with Banana Yellow 2022-40 for a bright sunroom. Make sure when pairing colors, hues are complementing each other. Stick to a simple rule. The primary hues should be the same. If the primary hue is yellow, your other color should have the yellow hue, too.

One trend that is making a big comeback is simply no color at all. Sounds crazy, right? Nowadays, many clients are thinking less is more as they select one solid color throughout the common areas. Painting the walls, ceilings, and trim in Simply White OC-117 gives a crisp and clean feeling. An all white house can make a bold statement by allowing your furnishings, wall hangings, and other décor to be your room’s focal point. Imagine red picture frames with a colorful picture or an organic object like wooden canoe paddles on your beautiful white wall. They can add just the right amount of “pop”!

Painting is a great way to spruce up your home in 2016, both the interior and exterior, without creating a heavy financial burden for your family. A new paint color can brighten not only your day but your home as well. Call us to see how we can help.

Color Trends BM 2016



Exterior Season is Officially Here!


It is time to spruce up the exterior of your home because spring has officially sprung. Check out the pictures to see a job we just got done with. We scraped and sanded all the wood trim then painted them a beautiful white. Repainting your trim work can make a difference to your home. Call us today! 717-396-1176DSC01434

DSC01436 DSC01438 DSC01440 DSC01442 DSC01443 DSC01444

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing


Recently we had the pleasure of working with a wonderful young woman on refurbishing her oak cabinetry.  She was not particularly fond of the oak grain and was concerned that it would continue to be clearly evident even through a painted finish.  She was very diligent in her on-line research and came up with several articles related to this topic.  In one of them, she was introduced to a product Sherwin Williams provides that fills the grain, diminishing its appearance prior to painting.  Quite honestly we were not familiar with this product, even though we have been painting cabinets for 20 + years. We gave it a try and were very impressed with the results.  Not everyone is averse to the wood grain oak leaves through a painted finish, but if you are in search of a smoother, “non oak” look, this is the way to go.  We were very pleased with the way it was applied and especially with smile on our client’ face when completed.  If you are looking for an efficient way to “remodel” your kitchen, give us a call at 717-396-1176.

image 2      image 14      20150206_163008

Spring is Around the Corner, Start Thinking about your Exteriors!


Maintenance Paintingphoto (3)

Maintenance Painting is the most affordable way to maintain your homes integrity and beauty.  By occasionally having us look over your home, we can take care of small issues before they become big issues.  Many of us have an elevation of our home which seems to break down quicker than the others.  This is particularly true with older homes.  Rather than “waiting” for the other elevations to begin to degrade, we can upkeep the problem areas so they can all be looking their best and be protected from the elements.

The best thing about maintenance painting is that while it maintains your home, it also enables you to keep a fresh coat of paint on the high traffic areas, like the front entry.  Other areas like garage door frames, where water wicks up through the bottom of the brick moulding, are hard to keep looking new.  Maintenance painting allows for touching up things as needed.

The best part about maintenance painting is that is can be done for a fraction of the price of a complete paintjob and can help extend the timeframes between full repaints substantially.  Call us for a free survey of your home’s exterior.  717-396-1176.  We would be glad to help.

Springtime Walk-around

Barn & Fore BayAs winter’s cold leaves us and the daffodils begin to bloom, it is an ideal time to inspect the coatings on your home’s exterior. Window sills are probably the most visible indicators. Sills can allow for snow & rain water to collect. This, combined with the sun’s powerful UV rays can break a coating down. Wood becomes exposed, making it vulnerable to decay. Another place to look is  the shady side of your home or building. Mildew thrives in these environments and feeds on ingredients found in some paints. It too can accelerate coating failures. Having shrubs cut back improves airflow and sunlight helping to inhibit mildew growth. Let us conduct a free inspection with you. Together we can assess if you are in need of a full repaint or simply a maintenance painting.  Many of our clients have us conduct regular maintenance, significantly extending time between full repaints. This saves $$$ !!!

Benjamin Moores 2015 Color Trends


Benjamin Moore has amazing colors for the 2015 year. Their color of the year is Guilford Green (HC-116). See what other Benjamin Moore colors go great with this relaxing color by clicking on their pictures below. Click here to check out their other color trends. The Blue Hydrangea and the Old Claret are wondering colors to pick for 2015’s color trends. Call Ville Painters today to schedule a free estimate to get these gorgeous colors in your home! 717-396-1176

BM Green Color         COTY_Static

blue hydrangwa           old claret


Is Your Porch Ready for Summer?



The weather is finally warming (I think!), the birds are energetically singing in early morning hours and our days continue to lengthen.  This must mean that summer is just around the corner!  Is your porch ready for you to enjoy?  Consider these ideas in either preparing your porch or just updating it for the summer.

  • Clean your porch.  It was a long winter and the spring has not provided us many warm days to get outside, so if you have not already done so, give your porch a thorough cleaning.  Check for any maintenance issues that need attention while you are cleaning.
  • Update your outdoor furniture.  Swap out old, damaged furniture with something new, at least new to you.  Yard sales, used furniture stores or consignment shops are a great source for providing gently used outdoor furniture.  New cushions or paint can give new life to slightly used furniture.  Ville Painters will paint or stain your outdoor furniture, as well as wrought iron furniture.
  • Paint the ceiling.  Our customer, whose porch is shown in the below, chose her porch ceiling color because it reminded her of the porches in Charleston on historic homes.

    Summer Porch Interior

    Painted ceilings highlight this porch.

  • Paint the floor.  Painting floors will make the area look finished and add interest.  Paint or stain will add life the your flooring as well.
  • Add hanging baskets and potted plants.  These will make your area more beautiful.   The photo above shows how plants can enhance your porch, as well as, add privacy.

    Summer Porch

    Hanging baskets and potted plants add beauty to this porch.

  • Bring the indoors outside.  Add homey touches like mirrors, rugs, pillows and candles.  However, consider your needs for weather resiliency.
  • Add lights.  Lighting sets the mood.  Some ideas are to hang a string of lights or light candles for soft light.  If your space is well protected you might want to add table lamps or floor lamps.
  • Make your space comfortable all year.  Place throw blankets around for cooler mornings or evenings.  Hang a ceiling fan, if your space allows for it, or place fans around on end tables.  Add a fireplace, if your space will allow for it. Consider safety for this item.
  • Accent your porch with colors that complement the surrounding area.  Benjamin Moore has a tool that can help you choose the perfect accent colors.  Start by taking a photo of the area you would like to complement.  For example, take a photo of your favorite flowers in bloom or the shrubbery that boarders your porch.  I used their Color Capture tool to find accent colors for the brick on my home.  See photo below.

    Benjamin Moore's Color Capture tool

    Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture tool chose accent colors based off a photo of the homeowner’s brick wall.

There are many more ideas out there for preparing your porch for your summertime enjoyment.  The following links can be used for finding more information on the topic:  Front Porch Ideas and More, Country Living and House Beautiful.

April 2014 Ville News


What’s New:

It has been a month since our Building Industry Association’s successful Home Show at Spooky Nook Sports Complex.  This year’s attendance was three times that of last year’s show!  We appreciate all of you who came out to visit us.  This year, as in years past, one of our visitors won our “Painter for a Day” drawing, entitling you to 8 hours of interior or exterior painting.  This year’s winner is Tim Barr.  Congratulations to the Barr family.   The following individuals won $25.00 gift certificates for the Lancaster Brewing Company for visiting our booth and filling out an information card:  Mark Heller, Bob Pennell and John Leggore.  We look forward to inviting you all to our booth at next year’s show.

We have recently added a blog to our website.  The idea of the blog is to share articles and resources we find useful in the area of interior and exterior painting.  We add our own articles and will share others that are relevant.  Please check it out and send any comments or suggestions to Erin:

Dining room, foyer and staircase

A beautiful dining room, foyer and staircase.

Coming Soon: 

Look for us in the May 2014 issue of Fig Magazine.  

Our website will soon be updated with new photos from our customer’s homes or businesses.  A few photos are included throughout this post.

Interior Living Room

Interior living room with tray ceilings and faux paint work on walls

Ending Soon: 

Just because spring is here, do not dismiss your home’s interior.  We are extending a 10% discount to all interior work scheduled for April.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we should anticipate a rainy spring.  We will need warm, dry places for our men to paint!  So add painting to your spring “to do” list.  Call us to schedule a free estimate!

Bathroom photo with accent wall.

A bathroom where an accent wall adds a subtle touch of color to the room.

Spring is Here – Complete your Spring Home Check-Up!


Spring is beginning to peek out from the wintry shadows.  As the weather warms we will start to venture outside to see what toll nature has taken on our homes and property.  It is the perfect time to do a “walk around” of our homes and assess what maintenance we will need to consider this spring.  Let me share with you, some of the things you should be looking for.

  • Make sure all of your gutters and rain spouts are clear of debris and are functioning correctly.  Water is the enemy.  Faulty rain systems can lead to premature paint failure and possibly even wood decay and serious leaking issues.
  • Before the growing season kicks in gear, be sure that vegetation is away from your home’s exterior.  Prune bushes back far enough away to ensure that, when in full bloom, there is still ample airflow to allow moisture to dry, especially on the shady side of your home.
  • While walking around, look for any loose, peeling paint.  This winter was extremely hard on our exteriors, so you may also find cracks and separation in the woodwork which will require caulking. Window sills, railings, and other horizontal surfaces are particularly vulnerable because the snow will sit there for days or weeks.
  • The bottoms of door frames and garage door frames can also be packed under snow for long periods of time.  The moisture wicks up through the bottom and pushes the paint right off the frame.  Exposed surfaces can lead to wood degradation and costly repairs.
  • After you conduct your walkthrough, call us to come out and review the integrity of your home’s exterior finishes.  While under normal conditions, a good paint job should last for several years, there are inevitably going to be some areas due to exposure or harsh elements that fail prematurely.  This is where “maintenance painting” comes into play.  Maintenance painting simply addresses specific areas of concern.  We also can refresh highly visible areas, such as your main entrance.  It protects and beautifies the exterior of your home, extending the life of your paint job for a fraction of the cost of a full repaint.

We have been doing maintenance painting for our clients for over twenty years.  We are beginning to put together our spring schedule.  Call us today for a free estimate and more ideas on how to keep your biggest investment looking its very best!

BIA Spring Home Show


Friday, February 28th through Sunday, March 2nd we will be at the BIA’s Spring Home Show.  This year the Spring Home Show will be located at the brand new Spooky Nook Sports complex.  Spooky Nook Sports is located at 2913 Spooky Nook Road, Manheim, PA.

We will be offering specials drawings for visitors to our booths that are willing to schedule estimates and/or sign-up to be on our e-mail list.

We are very excited to a part of this exciting new home show!  Please click here to find out more information.