6 Color Palettes That You are About to See Everywhere in 2019


Ever wish you could peek into a crystal ball and see what decor trends are headed your direction? We do have a little insight into what colors are going to be dominating homes everywhere. With six unique palettes of inspiration, it goes a long way toward telling us what 2019 is going to look like. Each palette evokes a mood and a personality, with a cool mix of bold accent hues and versatile neutrals to make the look work in any space. Thinking of painting soon? Consider this your cheat sheet for 2019.

1. Rich Blues and Golds: This combo has definitely been on our radar, ever since the explosion of dark cabinets and brass trim hit kitchens earlier this year.

2. Maximalist Greens, Reds, and Yellows: Minimalists, your time is drawing to a close. The fun factor of maximalism, with its bright and cheery prints and super-saturated shades, is just too good to resist.

3. Tropical Greens and Pinks: Another score for our ongoing plant obsession! “The Naturalist palette is a posh take on muted and nature-inspired neutrals, with blossoms of floral pinks, yellows, and deep greens

4. Elevated Neutrals With Character: Neutral lovers, rejoice! The latest neutrals reside in the mysteriously murky taupe family, with subtle tinges of purple bringing just the right alluring character to these shades.

5. Muted-yet-Moody Pastels: Pastels are for grown-ups too. Airy purples and blues stay grounded with the help of some richer hues, lending a glam feel to the entire effect.

6. Worldly Earth Tones: Eclectic is the name of the game here. Earthy clay tones draw inspiration from handcrafted souvenirs and special travel finds.

Make your den warm for the winter!


Picture of living room with fireplace

Let Ville Warm Your Living Room!

According to Merriam-Webster (m-w.com) the definition for hibernate is as follows: 1: to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state; 2: to be or become inactive or dormant. Many animals (and plants) in our area hibernate in the winter.  Do you do the same thing?

In my house we do not go into a resting state or become inactive, but we do spend a lot of time inside.  If you also will be spending a lot of time in-doors, you will find the winter a perfect time to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint.

There are many brands of paint to choose from, however, we use and recommend Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints.  These paint brands are a much higher quality than many of the paints sold at hardware stores and the big box stores.  Having used many different brands of paint myself in my own home, I have found that these paints stand the test of time.  They also provide a much smoother application. While the cost is higher initially, they are well worth the investment.

Benjamin Moore has released their color trends for 2014, basing their colors from various design industries.  They have labeled their 2014 color trend as “The ‘New’ Neutral Color Pallette.”  Visit Benjamin Moore’s website to see their new color palette yourself: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/for-contractors/color-trends-2014. The Sherwin Williams Color Team has released their color forecast for the upcoming year, “ColorMix 2014.”  Sherwin Williams has created four pallets inspired by different styles: Captured, Intrinsic, Curiosity and Diaphanous.  Their “ColorMix 2014” can be viewed on their website: http://www.sherwin-williams.com/wcm/idc/groups/public/@swpublic/@sherwin-williams/@content/documents/webcontent/mdaw/mdiy/~edisp/sw-pdf-clrmix2014-expanded.pdf.

Whether choosing the 2014 forecasted colors from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, these colors will create a warm and relaxed den for the winter, but are timeless enough to look good year round.  Try a new color that will brighten your room and possibly your mood!