We're Eco-Friendly

As good stewards of our environment and natural resources, Ville Painters Inc. uses eco-friendly materials when working inside or outside your home or office. Advancements in latex & acrylic technology make it possible to use environmentally-friendly products that are not only low in VOC's, but also are longer lasting, making the task of painting less frequent.

VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the ingredients in paint that evaporate during drying, often leaving unpleasant odors behind. These odors can be detrimental to air quality especially for sensitive groups like young children, those with chronic illness or the elderly.

Solar Panels

Using eco-friendly products has a number of benefits including:

  • Interior painting can be done year round without the need to have windows open for "fresh air"

  • Expecting families can feel safe having their interiors redecorated during pregnancy

  • Nurseries, daycares, & medical facilities have confidence that patients and clients are not at risk

  • Eliminates headaches sometimes associated with the contents of house paints

  • Provides craftsmen with a safer workplace

  • Low VOC paints are widely available, so why not do use them to help preserve our environment?

Our eco-friendly products are just one more reason to choose Ville Painters for your next painting project! Contact us today for a FREE estimate.